Festa della Castagna di Sassofortino

Chestnut Festival in Sassofortino

During this festival Sassofortino gets coloured, rich of perfumes and flavors from Maremma, between ancient cellars and genuine cooking .
Walking from cellar to cellar and from table to table: an exiting tour.

You will smell rich sole perfumes, made of particular fragrances, you will meet the genuinity and singleness of typical products. .

Oil, wine, flesh, cheese, sweets, honey are offered to our "friend guests" who have chosen to visit our land and want to enjoy the quality of our life, linked to the seasons that slowly change.

You will walk and see the art of local craftsmen. You will be protagonist in dancing nights with wandering shows.
Magic of swords and sabres, magic of fires, ethnic music, surprise in the streets.

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